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No problem: You can buy the email addresses of 6 million prospective work-at-home USA residents for just .

A list of 1,041,977 USA Seniors (45-70 years old) is selling for 5. Consider these offerings: 50 million AOL addresses: 0 30 million Hotmail addresses: 0 30 million Yahoo addresses: 0 5 million Gmail addresses: 0 Don’t have your own botnet or email infrastructure capable of sending so much email without getting shut down by your ISP?

If you buy in bulk, you can expect to pay about a penny per 1,000 addresses.

One long-running, open-air bazaar for email addresses is Leads And, which also goes by the name Buy

This enterprise is based in New Delhi, India, and advertises its email lists as “100% opt-in and 100 percent legal to use.” I can’t vouch for the company’s claims, but one thing seems clear: Many of its clients are from Nigeria, and many are fraudsters.

Stretching conspicuously across the middle of the site’s home page is a big green message to the site’s Nigerian clientele: “Don’t waste money/times/resources sending [Western Union or Moneygram], Use local deposit option.” The ad links to a page with a list of payment options, which shows that Nigerian customers can pay for their email lists by wiring the money directly from their bank accounts at several financial institutions in Lagos.

“Mail to 1000 recipients in seconds.” I sought comment via email from the owner of these services, Vikram M. Someone, who answered my Yahoo instant message at the support address listed on the site, wished me luck with my “story” (their quotes), but declined to chat further. In 2007, Perfect Web Technologies sued another email list vendor — info USA — arguing that the latter had infringed upon its patents.

A quick Google search shows that Gautam is president of Perfect Web Resources LLC, which is a division of an outfit called Perfect Web Technologies Inc., a company that claims to own several U. A federal court later invalidated the patent in question, saying it was invalid because it described an obvious “common sense” process (the sending and re-sending of spam until all of the mail is delivered).

The next scam in your inbox may claim to have been sent by a banker or bureaucrat.

Buy further advises that, “Due to tremendously high rate of fraudulent payments we do not accept Credit Cards or Pay Pal.

E-Gold has closed, so we don’t accept it either.” The site sells dozens of country-specific email lists. For example, you can buy a list of one million insurance agent emails for 0.

300 beans will let you reach 1.5 million farmers; 0 closes on 4 million real estate agents.

Need to recruit a whole mess of money mules right away?

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Others turn to sellers on underground cybercrime forums.

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