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Adult chat no profiles

You can also use your ‘Karma’ points to purchase avatars, virtual gifts, and even a 1-month free trial of ’Super Powers’.

You cannot buy ‘Karma’ points, instead, you can earn it by: The 'Karma' that you earn can also decrease when you get flagged down by Anti Chat moderators for violating their guidelines and terms of usage.

Anonymous chat can be a great outlet for individuals who are holding back their feelings and emotions as they are afraid to be judged for who they are.

It highlights your profile and puts your chat on top of the other users’ chat inboxes. This feature is an add-on, which you can purchase at a package duration of one week to twelve months.'Karma’ is the social status of Anti Chat users.

The higher your ‘Karma’ is, the higher the ‘Karma’ points are required from other users to be able to have a private chat with you.

You can provide your mobile number as well, but you have the choice to skip this.

As soon as you verify your email and click the confirmation link sent to you, you can freely use Anti Chat completely.

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With these facets of anonymous chat, how does Anti Chat fare on online safety? Signing up for an account in Anti Chat only takes at least a minute of your time.