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Others, however, have taken up the task : and among these the first place must be given to the two good helpers whose names appear upon the title-page. " Bel et bien '" and " Bel et bon "' are exceptions. diss-e-gri-e-be-l'] desagrement : nature desagreable DISAGREE'MENT [diss-e-gri'] difference : de- saccord [quarrel) brouille (entre] Disallow' va. fluent : eloquent [.train DISETTE [s, z] want : scarcity : poverty : Kisetteux" -eiise a. denigrer [goods) deprecier MENT denigrement : mepris (to, a] Dispar'aging [par-e-dje] a. to overflow : to deluge (de, with] to flood [envahir) to overrun Inopine-e a. sur-le-champ : a I'instant : dans un instant Instead' [inn-stedd] ad. au lieu de | To be [on do] of, Tenir lieu IN'STEP cou-de-pied Lde : remplacer In'stigate Iguete] va. inspirer (into, a] IN'STITUTE [tionte'] institut : priucipe va. inn' -stroit-me-nnle] tool : ; instrnmental'itv | _ a CORDES" stringed 1 1 _ a VENT" wind I t Instrumental -e a. insufficient : inadequate INSULAIRE islander [is, ail [a.) insular ! insulting IXSULTE _t [i»m's«i J«] iattaque) attack Insulter' va. With a practical experience of the art of dictionary-making, and long acquaintance with the needs of language-students, the first of these helpers — Auguste Marrot — has won my best tminks for his long-continued and conscientious aid in the revision of this book. Si A point (SO means silent, or GN" LL" L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaismi. Littre] beautiful : handsome : fine : fair : happy : great [avantageux) good [a, for) fit : proper | De la plus belle eau, [fig] Of the first water | Un bel esprit, A wit : clever talker | Une belle fortune. [illness) * ttuiladie de poitrine : pliliaie I He is in , II ~ est phtisifjue [or poitrinaire] I Consump'live a. ou each other * CONTEMPORAIN- -E [* a.] _porar- :'... ne pas admettre : refuser Disappe'ar [diss-e-inre] [or, To be — ing] vn. needy : in want [.dearth DISEUR -EUSE [s,0] talker : reciter : 'dise^lse '| de bons mots, Wit | Diseuse de bonne aven- ture. ungraceful : awkward [-eusemenf -lly, -ly] DIS ENGLISH-FRENCH DIS dans les mots suivants se pr. instltuer [law) intenter INSTITU'TION [tio Oche-nn} _ | To become an Passer dans les monk's /^Instruct' va. bientot : tout a Vheure \ Ever and , [poet] De temps en temps Anon'ymously [e-nonni"] ad. d' , Set : formal AP-PARAUX- (pi] tackle AP'PAREIL* [pi. the day after to-morrow APRfe S--Di NER" after dinner : afternoon APRES-MIDI [&m.] afternoon APRfe S'-SOUPER" after supper : evening APRETE harshness : greediness A-PROPOS" timeliness : pertinency [V. qualified : fit : fitted (a, to, for] APTITUDE _ lap-ti-tioude'] fitness (a, to, for] Certificatd' — pour I'enseignement, Teacher's APUREMENT" auditing [certificate Apurer" va. to drain AS'SEMBLAGE _ Imach.) coupling : holding gdown imenuis) joint : framing [tech) bond slreliure) gathering | a rainure, Tonguing S and grooving | a trait de Jupiter, Scarfing ASSEMBLES [mnas.]_bly : congregation : party : assemblage [ K ) assembly As'sembler" va. To cool down ATTlt DIS-SEMENT- cooling : coolness Aftifer" va. BANDE'ROLE shoulder-belt : streamer BANDIT- _ Ibann'-ditt, i bref] robber BANDOTJLIERE shoulder-belt | BANJO [n BANLIEUE suburbs : outskirts (pi] Lnas.] _ BANNE tilt : awning : blind [panier) hamper BANNIE au RABAIS' putting up to contract BANNIERE banner : standard : flag Bannir va. — S'] apparel Ba^ : display : preparation [me'd, arch) dressing [sciences) apparatus [tech) gear : apparatus [wiafonw.) bond : work | vocal. to audit : to pass AQUAFORTISTE etcher [water-colours - s AQUARELLE water-colour | a r_. approxifliativement : a peu pres A'PRICOT [e-pri-kotf] abricot -TREE abricotier A'PRIL avril | '_ FOOL' [F. lar-e-be-Q ARAC arrack ARACHIDE pea-nut | Huile d'_, Arachis-oil ARAIONEE spider | To Ue d'_. Djone-e-vark] — de TRIOMPHE triumphal arch ARCADE : piazza : arch : row of arches ARCASSE buttock (of a ship] ARC-BOUTANT- [pi. to assemble : to put together : g to join [cons O to frame Ireliure) to gather | c a mi-bois, To half | Qui se ressemble s'as- S semble, Birds of a feather flock together As"sener" va. one s or both] assent (a, to] As'se'oir [oss-war] va. ...] ATO'NEMENT [e-tonel expiation (for, de] A-trip' a. atroce [-ly, -ment] ATRO'CIOUSNESS [e-troc/ie-ss] atroc Ue Attach' V. e-tatch] attachement feo [law) saisie-arret | To lay an on, Mettre arret sur ATTACK' [«-tafc'] attagite : offression [illness) acces [va.) attaquer : frapper (with, de] Attain'able [e-6«-J] a. to banish : to expel BANNISSE-MENT- banishment BANQU'AIS' [pecheur) banker [navire) banker BANQU'E bank : banking | par actions, Joint-stock bank | Faire sauter la , To break the B | sticcursale, Branch B BANQUEROUTE bankruptcy | Faire _, To become bankrupt : to fail : 'to go to smash' | fraiidtileuse.

to match : to pair [pierres) to dress [vn., it) to set sail AP*PAREILL"EUR dresser [a gaz) gas-fitter Ap'paremmenf [em, am\ ad. to pair : to sort : to match AP-PARITEUR —tor : usher ANY ENGLISH-FRENCH APP An'yhow ad. omme tout I but, Rien moins que | else, Ati Zre chose | Worth' , De guelque w Ueur | Worth , [accent on an'ything] Sans prix | I have not asked — whatever of ANYBODY, Je n'ai absolument rien demande a personne An' ywhere ad. ic : water : watery AQU-EDUC —duct lak-oui-de-kte'] culvert Aqu'eux'-eitse a. — ine [kou W] Roman (nose] AQU'ILON" north wind : cold stormy wind ARA macaw : long-tailed parrot ARABE Arab llangue) Arabic Bsj [fig) Tartar: ' regular screw ' | Chifl'res s, Arabic figures ARABESQUE [* a.] _ Arabique o. aqueux fgamins AR'AB e I Street s, Petits va-nu-pieds : Ara'bian [_e-rebe-ye-nn\ a. to set up [pavilion) to hoist Lwi H Arborescent" -e a. Ecorcel _ COUD^ crank- shaft : crank | de TOUR mandril | MOTEUR driving-shaft | _ a NOYAU core- ARBRISSEAU, ARBUSTE shrub Lbar ARC O^ [amie) bow \constr.) arch [Note : Jeanne d' is pr. to buttress ARCEAU small arch : vault [croquet) hoop ARC-EN-CIEL [pi. arrsh] arch Da^ : arching aire : surface : itendue [front) devant (de maisonl cour en sous-sol Ar'gue Idrg Ti-yoii] v. Arisen] se lever : s'elever : resulter (from, de] ARK arche (,sainte\ Noah's , VA de Noe ARM bras [weapon) arme feo | in — , Bras dessus, bras dessous | To s I [soldiers] Aux armes! armer : s'armer (with, de] L'*'*'''*^'* AR'MATURE induit | -SPINDLE arbre d'l Arme"d a. s'assurer : s'uiformer (de, que] j se rendre compte de : constater j — MENT fixation (of, de] i Ascri'be le-skraibe] va. [of, de : to, de} ' honteux | I'o be , Avoir honte : rougir i ASH'LAR [£«-? f WMr] tentative : essai : effort [criminal) attentat | To be one's first , Etre son premier essai | To make the , Tenter le coup V. to banquet : to feast BANQUETTE bench : top : footpath [de wa- gon, etc.) seat [meuble) settee Ifort) BANQU'IER" banker | J'ai ... [ou, I bank at ...'s] BANQUISErls ASzi pack-ice BANQU-ISTE humbug BAP'TSME [pr. on prononce build building (construction) o's one's self : soi-meme ch chose : en parlant des CUV ouvrage , c7ioscs(i.e. It is not a simple matter, in a book like this, to suit the needs of every reader upon all occasions ; neither is it easy, where space is a consideration, to avoid the sacrifice of certain words of secondary value which may yet be full of interest and meaning. diner (on, de] out, D en ville \ To with Duke Humphrey, " D par coeur' Ding-dong-bell int. dissiper : chasser DISPEN'SARY Ipenn' -ce-re'i —saire DISPENSA'TION _ : cafajjii Je' [pope's) dis- peiise I A of Providence, Un arret de fa P Disi)en'se Lpennce] va. Tomber en [or dans le] discredit DISRESPECT' manque de respect f ul a. dissequer [accounts) decomposer | _e U JIAP carte de patience | _ed PUZ'ZLE jeu de patietux Dissem'ble v. ungovernable L leser [damage) endoramager [goods, freight) avarier | To be [liable to be] injured by ..., Craindre ... Porter atteinte a | Without to, i Sa»i S nuire a INK encre \ Indian , E de Cliine [V. [lulai'd] marqueter : incruster IN'LET entree : bras de mer | Air , Prise d'air i Petrol , Arrivee d'essence | —VALVE soupape d' admission ['m.o.', commandee\ IN'MATE [mete] locataire : interne : habitant In'most a. INN PRANg AIS-ANGLAIS INS INNOVATEUR -TKZC£ _tor INNOVATION" — Iveche-nni rnovatioiis Innover" vn. iii Ji ENGLISH— FRENCH m se pr inn INS Insin'uate [ymi-ete'i va. inspecter : surveiller INSPECTION Iche-nnl _ : surveillance : con- trole I HOLE orifice de visite | LAMP lampe baladetise | PIT fosse (pour o! young : youthful : junior Pline le Pliny the younger IV. to fast (de, from] JEUNESSE youth : young people : boyhood : girlhood | La The young (pi] [F. very youne | JIU-JITSU _ JOAILL- ERIE jewellery | ^ILi ER" -ERE JOAL [r. Faire de la mauvaise besogne ] He gave it up for a bad II y renon^a [ LINE. _raen] ouvrier : gar Qon : V journalier Jo'vially iye-le] ad. judiciaire : juridique [-lly, -mt] _ SEPARATION separation de corps JUG Idje-gh] broc : crixhe [quantity) jpot^e \ Water- , Pot a can \ of water. faire des tours de passe-passe [fig) en imposer | ... Dresser la liste du To empanel a J | Je suis du I am on the J feoffee JUS' j nice ; liquid [de riatide) gravy [argot mil.) JUSANT- [s z} Le Ebb-tide 1 Au _, At ebb- tide I Descendre en , To drop down with the tide Jusque [followed by a vowel, sometimes writ- ten with an s, Jusques] prep, to : as [ou so] far as [V. In England these would come before the County Justiciable a. to] LCourt tia^ JUL ENGLISH-FRENCH JUS JULY' [djoii-Ja V] juiltet / JTJM'BLE meli-melo : melange confus : fouil- ( lis I ... speaking of part, partifiipe : participle things as contra-dis- peint pcinture : painting tinguished from per- pers personne cheni chemistry Lsons) phot photographie chim chiniie phys physique com commerce : commercial pi pluriel : plural COf O'. In the compilation of these pages, tlie aim has been to comprise such portions of the French and English languages as will serve for all the ordinary purposes of the life we live to-day; for, as Littre so well puts it in liis preface, " I'usage conteraporain est le premier et le principal objet d'un dictionnaii-e." And not only have the ordinary or daily requirements of the general reader been considered, but this dictionary will be found to contain its full share of technical words and combinations, alive, it is believed, with the life that is the joy of the translator, and derived, wherever possible, from the most authoritative sources. bi-ban-ban-digue-din-don DIN GINESS [g dj] coulettr terne : teinte sale DING'LE vallon (boise] DING'Y [g. dispenser (to, a] distri- buer : administrer [med) preparer | I can with ..., Je puis me passer de ... irrespectueux | To be to, Manquer de respect a fully ad. deshabiller : depouiller DISRUP'TION [re-p] rupture [de DISSATISFACTION mecontentement (witli. dissimuler : faire Thypocrite DISSEM'BLER dissimule-e : hypocrite Disseni'inate [neife] va. Indian] ERASER [t-re'ce-r]gom»neaettacer V encre [office knife) grattoir Ink va. [le) plus profond : [le) plus secret INN auberge [large) hotel | Country-side , A de campagne \ S of COURT college d'avo- INN'KEEPER aubergiste : hotelier [cats Inn'atc [inn'-nite"] a. interieur | —FORME cote de seconde TUBE [tyre] chambre a air Inn'ermost a. to inn'ovate [vete] to make in- INOBSERVATION" non-observance : contra- vention • disregard (de, of] Inoccup^ -e a. insinuer | To o's' S'i (into, dans] Insip'iit [i tres brefs] a. insister(on, sur] persister [demand) exiger | "Insna're va. Ensnare] INSOBKI'ETY [f^a V-e-fe] intemperance In'solently ad. t«os] INSPECTOR [«e-r] _teur [of weights and m.) veriticateur | Factory , Inspecteur -trice du travail | SHIP inspection Inspi're va. JAS] Ijeweller JOBARD-- 'flat' I ^ERIE ' tomfoolerj- ' JOCRISSE dolt : ' soft one " : ' flat ' : ' stupid ' JOIE pleasure : mirth : delight [poet) joy [F. ia»ia»t«t Te ind^icale [lot) lot a bon marche : solde : occasion By the a ses pieces : a la tache [contract) a forfait | Here's a pretty ! i It is a good C'est une bonne affaire : a la bonne Jietire \ To make a good- of .... LOT [com] solde : occasion : lot a bon marche | -MASTER loueur de voitiires -WORK [typ] ouvrages de r-i JIe (pi] Job [-bbed] fn. gairaent : joyeusement JOY joie 1 I wish him , Je le felicite (of, de] Joy'f ul, Joy'ous a. away, escaraoter | A , Un tour de passe-passe | JUQQ'LER jongleur JUICE [djouce] jus [sap) sue : seve JU'ICINESS idjouci] abondance de jus [or de Ju'icy Idjouce] a. Far] till : until | 'ace que, 'a tant que [with subjun.] Till i 'ici. English | a V e, In the English way [ou style] Filer a V — , To 'slip away' ANQLE 03^ [agne^gxie-ll corner [const) quoin | a droit avec, At right angles with | a 1' — de to rue, At the street corner Anglican" -ea : of the Church of England | L'eglise—e, The Church of England | _ISME Angliclser" va. to flatten : to smooth [tech) to float APLATISSE-MENT- flattening APLOMB" [m nasal ] standing perpendicular Ipers) self-possession : assurance : 'cheek' : audacity | D' , Upright | Perdre 1' , To lose one's balance APOCALYPSE— I Apocalyptiquea. apoc'ryphal | Les livres s, The Apoc'rypha | Apode a. to season : to sweeten : to temper (avec, with [fig) de, with] AS-SASSIN"_ : murderer | a l'_! to assassinate [fig) to worry [ou bore] one out of one's life AS'SAUT" lasso] assault : attack | d'armes. blinding : dazzling AVEUGLE blindman [a.) blind (sur, to] En _, Blindlv I Les _s. to debase : to degrade : to lower [com) to depreciate | S' , vr. degrading : lowering AVILISSE'MENT' degradation : worthlessness AVION" aeroplane AVIRON " oar i L'_, Rowing AVIS" advice : opinion : intelligence : mind : notice : news : warning | a mon , In my opinion | Du meme , Of the same opinion | M'est , I rather think : my impression is | d'expedition, Advice note | Autant de tetes, autant d' , So many men, so many minds Avise -e a. A point (S") means silent, or ON' LL* L* liquid; two points (S") no liaison. BAN PRANg AIS-ANGLAIS BAR BANDE'AU bandage : headband : string-course BANDE-LETTE slip : fillet Bander' va. to — cize L — 'sm ANGLICISME [ceece-wi] — sm [agngli-cizz'-mnil ANGLOMANE lover of English institutions ANGLOMANIE _mania [tmni-al ANGLOPHOBE _ | ANGLOPHOBIA _ia ANGLO-SAXON" [p.]oint Anon' [e-tionn] ad. One — ] A point (S") means silent, or ON* LL* L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. apodal APOGEE [astr) _ [(^/e] [fig) zenith : height APOLOOIE _gy [e^po J'-e-] knight-heads [with litre] Ap'paraitre vn. AP'PARAT" state : ostentation [livre) vocabu- lary I ... de cote : a part : a I'ecart j To run Detourner : se d | Setting that — , a part cela : satis compter cela Ask vcti demander : prier'(to, de] inviter : in- terroger [a question) poser | He ed me for a book, II ma demande un livre [Coulisse'] : Askan'ce ad. Fencing match | Colonne d' , Storming party | D' , By storm | Donner 1* a, To storm I Faire de, To vie in AS'SEAU slater's hammer As"secher" ixi. to tie : to bind up : to bend \_arc K) to key in [im.) to be tight 1 les yeux a ..., To blindfold ...

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So also has Gustave Friteau— the enthu- siastic teacher of our language at the College of Versailles — whose work, he will admit, has been a labour of love from the beginning. A large F | Beau ideal, ' ' [bo-ai- di-e-l] Le monde. The fair sex | Au milieu de, Right in the midst of | a va. phtisique : poitrinaire V NESS disposition a la pl Uisie CON'TACT _ I To bring ... en rapport avec | To run in with, Rencontrer | -SCREW, vis pk Uinee Conta'gious [ke-nn-tedje-ss'i a. of E our own times I L'ltalie e, Italy of the " present dav CONTEMPTEUR despiser [«.) scornful CONTENAIt CE countenance [r. Tablets) to contain : to hold : to restrain : to check | Se To restrain o'self r'Contenf -e a. with] contented : satis- fied : glad : pleased : happy [V. : exact [-einf-ly] CORRECTEUR-Ti JJCJe _tor [dimprimerie) proof-reader [a.) correctiug CORRECTIF [i _ -ii-e a.] corrective CORRECTION" : correctness Icoiwenance) propriety : excellent behaviour (or bearing] Ityp) reading | Avec , Correctly | Maison de , Reformatory Correctionnel -elie a. for misdemeanours | Tribunal de police , Police court Uenient' ad. D'un acces difficile DIFF'ICULTY [fce-i] _te' | In a _, Dans I'em- barras | To get out of the Se tirer d'E | To get over the Trancher Ja X) : supprimer I'inconvenient | The slightest [V. disparaitre (from, de] DISAPPE'ARANCE [ptre-nnce] disparition Disappoint' Idiss} va. to discontinue : to suspend DISCONVENANCE incongruity : unsuitable- ness (de, of] Disconvenirx'n.(7'a We15)[witliefre)todeny: to disown (de. Fortune-teller | DISEUSE ' _ ' DISGRACE disfavour : adversity : misfortune Disgraci^ -e a. Diss, sauf indication contraire DIS Discon'solate a. Disjoindre] Lstart DISJONCTION" disjunction : separation DISLOCATION" — [fce'c/ie-nnj Disloquer' va. out of joint [fig) to disperse : to scatter | que -e a. instruire [order) donner des in- g stntctions a (to, potir'i I am ed to. Mode d'emploi ■|l NSTKUC'TION [che-nn^ _ : enseignement Vi NSTRUC'TOR precepteur : instituteur A point (S°) means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid : two points (S") no liaison.

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