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Was AJ Lee the figment of some Manga-geek’s adolescent imagination?She was an avid video gamer, regularly thumbing through comic books and wearing the scuffs on her Chuck Taylors with pride. This unpredictable young woman was not as innocent as she looked.Although she stood a petite 5-foot-2, AJ was a fierce competitor with an energetic, high-flying style that posed a threat to any Diva.This bold New Jersey native first introduced herself to the WWE Universe on the third season of WWE NXT.

While most videos are performed with live action setups, some songs feature animation, generally designed to appear more cartoonish and kawaii than lifelike.AJ is a foster teen runaway who is searching for his older brother, Ty Hensdale.He temporarily moves in with the Fosters while Mike begins the process for an official license to foster children in order to legally take him in.It would be her first of three Divas Championships.Even though it was impossible to predict what AJ would do next, one thing remained a constant: She always kept us guessing.


Songs are often written to be cleverly self-censored, such as disregarding the rhyming scheme or timing sound effects to avoid profanity.