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There were three things I was sure of the moment we crossed into Mexico: First, no one will ever lay a hand on my mother. "I didn't think you'd show up.""Then you don't know me at all."or Valentina Carvajal is a musician struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. I will not look for him, no matter how much my mother begs me to do so.My friend has agreed to do hard sub this, but only after translation is complete.This is not written in proper pose as it's being translated in preparation to given over for subs. TSRWVqya Lg-Q5U5wy ZNIro Fa5GXV965r PJ47Vi4U/edit? Corrections will continue to be made on the doc but not updated on ao3 until complete.Juliana is an Interpol Agent and Valentina is a Political Journalist.Can cops and reporters put their prejudices aside to work together? Juliana is a single mom who left an abusive ex to start over in Mexico City with her 7 year old daughter, Mariana.Juliana has to go back to her hometown after two years living away to attend her cousin Sergio's wedding.She absolutely loves her family and her roots, but the problem will be how to face her ex - Guille - who'll be Sergio's best man.

However, they are not the focus of the fic and you do not need knowledge of the show or background to read this series.) Life is not what we expect from it. We were taught from an early age to dream of an enchanted kingdom where we will live happily ever after.

So to the next girl who sees her combat Jude Law on the sidewalk, don't be lazy - stand up, walk over and tell him how interested you are in joining a boot camp in the local area or maybe getting one on one tuition in the comfort of your own home?!?

Or you could just wolf whistle and wink..knows, maybe men actually fall for that?

If you want to read the up to date translation/what is currently being translated use the link. Valentina Carvajal, former Blade Runner, is called back into the force when a group of robots crash land on Earth and go on a killing spree.

Also, UNIVISION if you want to use these translations for your subs let me know, I am more than happy to send you the full translation as long as you make it available on a platform where people can watch. When a seemingly unique in her own way robot weasels her way into Valentina’s life Valentina begins to question what it means to be human.

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In search of confidence and sense of control, Juliana meets Valentina, a strong and beautiful self-defense/martial arts instructor.