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“Self-care is built into our training program on the app because we know how crucial it is to the mending process,” said Mend founder and CEO Elle Huerta.

“We started thinking about the concept of a two-way mirror: what if the girls could see the guys on a map, but the guys couldn’t see the girls until approached by a girl via a chat or ‘tap’ alert. “We knew that guys were tired of making the first move all the time on dating sites and in the real world and girls were sick of receiving a barrage of unwanted messages.

We also knew that online dating conversations are five times more like to continue if started by a girl.

“All of the resources I found online felt cheesy and outdated, and none of them addressed the science of what’s actually happening in your brain and body during a breakup,” said Huerta.

Breakup Boss, which launched in 2017, addresses the technological temptations that come with a breakup.


In February 2019, Onward launched its new “breakup concierge” platform that aims to ease the stress of post-breakup life.

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