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Yet to the horror of the tiny circle of intimates in whom he’d confided, Jobs was considering not having the surgery at all.

A Buddhist and vegetarian, the Apple CEO was skeptical of mainstream medicine.

And no CEO is more personally identified with—and controlling of—the day-to-day affairs of his business.

How Jobs pulls all this off—how this bundle of conflicting behaviors can coexist, to spectacular effect, in a single human being—remains a puzzle, even though more than a dozen books have been written about him.He has listed himself as “co-inventor” on 103 separate Apple patents, everything from the user interface for the i Pod to the support system for the glass staircase used in Apple’s dazzling retail stores.Jobs’ product introductions are semiannual events, complete with packed houses, breathless blog dispatches, and celebrity appearances—two hours of marketing performance art.Pixar, where he served simultaneously as CEO, has come to dominate the animation business, churning out megahits like that prompted Disney (DIS) to buy the company in 2006 for .5 billion.(Jobs now owns 7.3% of Disney, worth .6 billion, in addition to Apple stock worth 2 million.) No less an authority than Jack Welch has called Jobs “the most successful CEO today.” Jobs, at age 53, has even become a global cultural guru, shaping what entertainment we watch, how we listen to music, and what sort of objects we use to work and play. Jobs is also among the most controversial figures in business.

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Who else could have the nation panting in anticipation of a cellphone?