Are demi and sterling dating 2016

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Are demi and sterling dating 2016

Of course Newhaven had previously had great success in producing Duofolds.

The first ones manufactured already during the early 1930's, and later in the 1940's with the Duofold NS, followed by the AF Duofold, in turn followed by a wide range of aerometric Duofolds, referred to as the New Duofold. With a ten day computer controlled manufacturing process, and made from over 130 components it was subjected to 100 quality tests.

ventually Parker Newhaven succeeded in a buyout of the Writing Instruments Division, and in 1986 the corporate headquarters moved to Newhaven, England.Immediately after the UK takeover Parker's new chief executive officer, Jaques Margry, launched plans to commemorate Parkers 100-year jubileee with a new pen.It was both logical and, as it turned out, a successful strategy to base the new pen on the design that originally built the Parker pen company and brand name, the 1920's Duofold. Fountain pens had quickly become unfashionable and Parker relied heavily on the proven designs, the Parker "75", the Parker "45", Parker "51", Parker "61" and the Classic.It was soon clear that the 1980's was to be the decade of the UK Parker subsidiary.

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The Centennial was officially introduced to commemorate Parkers 100 year jubilee 1888-1988, but production had started already in 1987.

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