Are dev patel and freida pinto dating

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Are dev patel and freida pinto dating

Once in a while, everyone should be able to let their hair down and have some fun," said Freida.Gorgeous and beautiful Freida Pinto is an Indian actress as well as a model. Maybe it’s something about moving into womanhood from being a girl. '"She continued: "There comes a point where you’ve got everything you want – career, love, family – but you’ve ignored yourself. Actress Freida Pinto was in news some days back after being spotted pole dancing in drunken state outside a strip club at Los Angeles. Sid happened to be in Los Angeles, and we are part of the same friends circle.She made it clear that she is not dating Mallya, who has made numerous lists in the past few years as being one of the most eligible bachelors in India.Sid Mallya, the name he has put down with the Actors Guild in the US, as he looks to kick start his acting career and not be stereotyped with a very Indian name, had dated Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone for a year, before the two broke off, in 2012. Sid happened to be in Los Angeles, and we are part of the same friends circle."Let me tell you, these stories were only started by the Indian media and not anyone else.

We told you yesterday that Freida had dumped her husband after filming Slumdog Millionaire and now Anil Kapoor has voiced his suspicions on the couple.

Anil told Ryan Seacrest's American radio show yesterday: "I think this is the beginning of something exciting.

They definitley make a great pair and look very good together." When Ryan asked Anil if he thought there was anything going on between the pair he replied: "As a matter of fact, when I meet them I feel there is something happenning.

She came to the limelight after starring in Danny Boyle ’s movie “Slumdog Millionaire” in 2008. Freida Pinto broke up with Dev Patel after she realized she was seeking for self-love and respect in spite of gaining fame, happy love life and also an excellent career. Freida Pinto has managed to carve her name in gold in the field of cinema.

Before that, she was involved in media as a television presenter and also a model. Therefore realization for self-actualization was the reason for the breakup.

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