Are michael stagliano and jillian harris dating

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He’s still somebody that I respect as an individual whether or not people think he deserves that, I do.” On eliminated bachelor Wes: “My opinion doesn’t change of Wes because I’m a super-stubborn girl, and my opinion that I had of him on the show is the same opinion I have of him now.

In the morning we were stressed out that we hadn’t used our time to see if we had a physical connection.” On her dream wedding: “Totally the same picture (today).

On the infamous night in the fantasy suite with Ed: “Because a lot of assumptions were very specific about that episode I’ll just paint the picture of what that day was like.

We were both stressed out, I think that Ed was almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown from all the stress of what he was going through. We both got sunburns, I’m talking blisters, the next day. There was no A/C in the room because the A/C makes noise so they have to shut it off in order to film.

There was always too much conflict and too much drama and I don’t want that in my life.” On which of the eliminated guys would make a good Bachelor for the next series: “I think Michael Stagliano and his (twin) brother would make good Bachelors.

They have such good energy and they’re ready to be married and ready to have kids. I feel like America and Canada is really looking for some wholesome TV.

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I have this dream wedding of being somewhere in the Canadian Rockies or the Okanagan, in a field, and there’s mountains all around us, and gingham tablecloths, a live band, hopefully the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and just tons of people but nothing really fancy.