Are rachel truehart and michael dating Camzap aus

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Reality TV World: Chris apologized to Jamie Otis repeatedly for his behavior and suggested his family and friends were very disappointed with him because of how he played and treated some of the women in the house.Do you think he really meant what he said and felt terribly for those actions, or do you think that was another strategy on his part to kind of gain sympathy votes from everybody and ultimately win the money -- which had been his goal all along? I'm friends with Chris and I've talked to him since filming, and I know he does feel bad about how he behaved. I think the time he came on was right after his season, and I think his ego might've been a little bit bruised and everyone acts differently within that game and you can't really control how you're going to act around other people.Rachel Truehart: I think it's pretty laughable that he said he played brilliantly.I highly doubt that he came into the game saying, "I'm just going to try to scrape by." I mean, you know, you're trying to ally up and make friends, and each week, he kind of was on the chopping block and trying to keep himself alive.I know both of them and they're both friends, and yeah, they don't have that character in them to do something like that.Reality TV World: There was a portion of the finale when Kalon and Lindzi Cox were opening up about how they were still seeing each other.In an exclusive interview on Tuesday, Rachel talked to Reality TV World about her Bachelor Pad experience and previous relationship with former love interest Michael Stagliano -- including whether she regrets competing on the show to begin with considering how things ended for her, why she argued Nick definitely didn't play a "brilliant" game and how she believes Chris and Sarah would've dealt with their 0,000 winnings had they been in her and Nick's shoes.

I didn't even know that that went down until I watched it last night.Yes, I did get my heart broken and yes I did get betrayed and robbed a little bit, but at the same time, it's all an experience and I think it just makes me stronger in the end.And, you know, maybe I'll have my guard up a little bit more about my trusting issues -- which could be a good or a bad thing -- but I don't regret doing it.I think it's hard to have your family watch that and be disappointed in you.Nobody wants their parents to be disappointed in how they act on TV.

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I think that if they really love each other, it will, and I hope it does because I want to go to a wedding!