Best dating site for intellectuals

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Best dating site for intellectuals

There are some other niche sites and apps that do specifically target the intellectual user, but all that i have come across have very poor user reviews.These platforms can all facilitate the meeting of people with intellect in a user friendly manner, with large pools of users.Bumble has features such as Bizz (business) and Bff (for finding friends) to broaden the appeal of the app.So overall, there is likely to be a higher standard of user compared to apps/sites like Tinder.This can help focus the dating app to quality as male profiles really have to think to make their profile appealing to women.As there is a focus on quality and more serious dating - it is a much better bet for meeting someone who is successful and has a high level of intellect.

So if by intellect you just mean someone at a university (and you are a college student too) then this may be a good choice for you.Over optimisation and highly narrow constraints, in my opinion, don't do much to reduce the need for brute force actual dating, but it can eliminate a lot of interesting options.Ambition and smarts come in many different forms, if I were you I'd try and stay open to more possibilities as opposed to less, as the pheromones will be the real decider in the end.You're in many ways looking for a needle in a haystack no matter how you come at it.You can optimise your search only up to a certain level, then you need to just get in there and brute force trial and error it.

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I keep coming back to OKCupid, as I find it's membership to be the most interesting.