Blogger rss feed not updating

Posted by / 21-Sep-2019 04:53

Blogger rss feed not updating

โ€“ because itโ€™s still an active technology, which means that we can use it for a lot of cool things happening behind the scenes on our Word Press sites.

So today, weโ€™re looking into the 5 best RSS feed plugins for Word Press: Feedzy is the most complete of the best RSS feed plugins out there.

While Feedzy can be a good fit for personal matters, we mostly recommend it to business owners whose goal is to grow / monetize their websites and automate their work.

This combination likely makes Feedzy the all-around top selection among the best RSS feed plugins.

Once the plugin does its job, you can go to your posts and see everything there: From that point on, you can decide what to do with all those posts.Shortcode example:๐Ÿ‘‰ Get this Word Press RSS feed plugin if you want to be able to import RSS feeds quickly and customize everything via shortcode editing on the fly, rather than through a GUI of some kind.The plugin uses a lot of parameters inside the shortcode structure, which makes it very flexible.The way the imported items are presented on the front-end is totally up to you: you can decide over the featured images, excerpts, post status and type, quantity, text length, layout โ€“ Feedzy provides three templates to choose from.If Feedzy identifies HTTP images while importing the feeds, it will let you decide how to handle them: show with HTTP link, force HTTPS, or simply import the image as is.

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You can publish them as is, adjust the content, add your commentary, or whatever else you see fit.๐Ÿ‘‰ Get this Word Press RSS feed plugin if you want to import whole articles from external RSS feeds, straight into your post collection.