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The proto-prod menace might explain why near the brewery there was what looks like a statue of a heavily armed Mary. We were going to Spital brewery, which dates back nearly 800 years, originally being linked a hospital a bishop founded.

The hospital is now an old people's home, but they still seemed linked and it still looks religious.

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are a good example of two characters who don't belong here.

Although they are close friends, they are They're Like Brother and Sister. Contrast Just Friends for when this does actually blossom into romance.

They have a CIP (Clean In Place) ring around the top so can be cleaned automatically, and a slight vacuum can be applied to the CIP ring during fermentation to remove most of the CO2.

The largest conditioning tank holds 185 hl and lagering is carried out for four to six weeks, depending on the beer.

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Mainstream Hussites are fairly boring, but I've got a soft spot for some of their spin offs, which you can read about in Norman Cohn's The Pursuit of the Millennium.Occasionally, Better as Friends and Anchored Ship also will crossover into this trope if romantic pairing change their status, voluntarily or otherwise.Before you add an example to this page, make sure it really fits the trope.It was smaller than most of the lines we saw on the tour but still pretty flash.The brewery moved back to open fermentation in 2013 and has open cylindro-conical Fermenting Vessels (FV), which was a new one to me.

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Although Mr Johnson insisted he did not want an election, he warned Tory rebels last night he will call one on October 14 if they vote to wreck his Brexit plans today, and MPs such as Philip Hammond, David Gauke and Rory Stewart would be barred from standing.

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