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--- "Wudang Martial Arts" is now called "Wu Dang Rules".

--- "The Road to Partnership" is now called "Every Step You Take".

"My Spiritual Ex-Lover", previously "Lost Souls", will be airing tomorrow succeeding "Madam". --- Lo Zhen Ngoc will produce "Please Spare the Prisoner" in January starring Kenny Wong, Maggie Siu, Joel Chan, Mat Yeung, Elaine Yiu and Katy Kung. Nancy will be lead lady while Lin Xia Wei joins the cast. --- Joel Chan, Grace Wong and Eddie Kwan join "Vampire".

--- "Young Charioteers" will air March 2 succeeding "Raising the Bar". --- Kristal Tin stated "Brother's Keeper II" is currently in pre-production.

Justo cuando está más cerca de resolver el caso, el socio de Yat Tsau y su amigo cercano, Fai Chung Lim, rompe una regla no escrita para mantener un secreto, haciendo mella en su hermandad.--- "Romantic Repertoire" will air succeeding "Young Charioteers" on March 30.--- "Smooth Talker" will air succeeding "Eye in the Sky" on March 30. --- Poon Ka Tak will start producing "Expert Investigators" this month starring Chin Ka Lok, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Rebecca Zhu, Tracy Chu and Timmy Hung.A través del hermano, Yat Tsau y Chi Ho desarrollan una asociación y química interesantes.Con la ayuda de Chi Ho, Yat Tsau y Brother se unen.

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