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So snuggle up, grab some popcorn and turn the lights down low and enjoy some of these great movies! Love Story This 1970 romantic love movie is a classic on any romantic movie list. They get married and face many of the typical challenges newlyweds do.

When they try to have children however, they learn she is very sick. What Dreams May Come This movie starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr.

But will his friends conspiring to make him lose the bet sabotage their chances to be together? My Big Fat Greek Wedding Toula, growing up in a Greek family with very strong Greek values didn’t think she would ever find love.

When she falls in love and plans to marry a non-greek, she struggles to get her family to accept him. Hitch Will Smith stars as a guy who helps other men land the woman of their dreams. Straight From the Heart She’s a city girl, and he’s a country boy.

As if that threat to his self-esteem weren’t enough, he must ask Mayera’s gruff father, V. Sehgal (the veteran actor and director Rishi Kapoor, no relation to Ms.

It is the question of money’s influence on passion and relationships that gives Ms.

But in their efforts working together to break them up they decide they’d rather all stay together – but is it already too late? Serendipity John Cusack stars in this romantic movie about two people who meet and seem to have an instant connection. Forrest Gump Forrest and Jenny have known each other since they were little. Armageddon This is more of action film as an oil drilling crew is hired to blow up a giant asteroid before it crashes into the earth. Knotting Hill She’s a fast paced celebrity, he’s a book store owner. But halfway through erasing his memories of her, he remembers all of the good times they had together. Or will fate take them in a whole different direction altogether? 9 Songs This movie intended for mature audiences only narrates a love story between two people who love music and narrates through the sensual and sexual side of their relationship. Catch and Release With the tragic death of her fiance only days before their wedding, Gray is in a lot of confusion.

But she will only date him if fate brings them back together again. Torn apart by war and many other things, Forrest goes to find Jenny and recounts the events of his life to strangers on a park bench. But it does have a good love story intertwined that could appeal to both action and romance lovers. High Fidelity Rob (John Cusack) is a record store owner who is distraught after his recent break-up with his girlfriend. I Love You Holly is a widow grieving the love of her life. While it may seem this would only push her more into the past, it helps her move on and begin a fresh start at life. She moves in with her fiances’ friends, when she learns he was keeping a few secrets from her – including an inheritance he had and a child from a previous relationship.

Set in the holiday season, it all comes together to explain how love affects them all on Christmas Eve. 40 Days and 40 Nights Matt’s been going with girl after girl after his heart was broken by his ex girlfriend. After humiliating rejections at job interviews and the A. When tensions with Mohit escalate, the offer of a glamorous job in Dubai looks tempting. Khurrana acquits himself, parading his enviable six-pack abs in a poolside production number and holding his own opposite Mr. puts his prospective son-in-law through countless arch comic paces, conducting background checks and challenging him to squash matches that Mohit must let him win. and with his credit card, Mohit is reduced to working as a barista, while his friends at his former office pretend he is still employed there during visits from a snooping V. For her part, Mayera, who loves her shoes and shopping, thrives in her position in finance. He recounts his last 5 relationships in hopes to find out what he did wrong and how to get her back in this comedic romantic movie. Sliding Doors Helen, played by Gwenyth Paltrow, lives two separate lives at once in this creative film about a girl who splits in two – one gets on the Subway train, the other doesn’t – both have completely different romantic experiences from that single split decision. Return to Me He’s a recent widower, she’s overcoming her recent heart transplant surgery, which was made possible through his wife’s death. As she sorts through the mysteries of her fiances life, she finds friendship and love unexpectedly. Chasing Amy In this Kevin Smith film, a comic book artist (played by Ben Affleck) falls in love with a lesbian.Despite their problems and differences, there’s a unique attraction between them. Is there a way he can convince her his feelings are real? Four Weddings and a Funeral Hugh Grant stars in this popular British romantic comedy about two people who seemingly belong together but can never get the timing right. Sleepless in Seattle A widower’s young son takes his romantic life in his own hands by calling into a radio talk show to see if someone out there would want to marry his Dad.

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