Can graduate students dating professors

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“If the TA or professor does not have any actual power over the student’s opportunities (i.e.

grades, extracurricular involvement, employment, etc.), then a dating relationship would not violate university policy,” he said.

Alison Johnson, a Harvard history professor who led the committee, said the group spent the summer and fall of 2014 consulting with students, faculty and staff to get feedback."As part of this process, we thought a lot about the way that power dynamics can contribute to sexual harassment," Johnson said in an email, adding that the policy makes clear "a longstanding expectation that professors focus on the intellectual development of our students."Some students said they didn't see an immediate need for the amendment, but agreed that it is a good idea.

"I haven't seen any particular situation where this has happened, but I can't see any disadvantage of this for the school," sophomore William Greenlaw told CBS News.

The same policy is repeated in NYU’s Anti-Harassment Policy.

Section VIII on consensual relationships states: Sexual behavior that is welcome or consensual does not constitute sexual harassment under the law.

Yes, professors can be hot because they’re intelligent, accomplished, published, and passionate.

However, they can also be intimidating, married, and, let’s be honest, old. They walk the fine line between equal and superior.

We spoke with Craig Jolley, the Deputy Director for the Office of Equal Opportunity, who often deals with issues relating to discrimination and sexual harassment in the academic environment.She was 18 and he was 24, and they dated for three months. For others, dating a TA may have other pressures, even after the course is completed.She never felt any dangers from dating him because the school year was over, the course was completed, and she had already received her grades. Another NYU senior is currently dating a Ph D student, who was formerly her TA.Although still a student, a TA also qualifies as a university employee and a student’s superior, and therefore has more to lose if caught in a so-called “inappropriate” relationship.In these situations, the NYU administration has the right and responsibility to intervene, although there is no defined method of dealing with inappropriate relationships.

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