Celebrate 100 days dating dynasty lovers dating sim full game

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Celebrate 100 days dating

The name is very important to the baby, Chinese believe the name will determine the baby's future.

The bride and the groom greet the guests in front of the restaurant where the banquet is held, guests give money in red envelopes.

The pants will have long fringe on the legs, because the pronunciation of fringe is the same as year in Chinese. On the baby's one year old birthday party, a "Zhua Zhou" (catching one full year of life) ceremony will be held.

The baby will take a bath and wear the new clothes and pants given by the grandma on the mother's side.

Kid's birthday in normal family was simple, red egg and longevity noodles are the birthday food.

10-year-old birthday is called " Growing Tail", grandparents from mother's side will give clothes, shoes, hats and rice as gifts. Some area such as Shanxi, Inner Mongolia in China also celebrate the 12-year-old birthday, it's named "opening the lock".

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Wedding couplets are put at the front gate of the groom's home.

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