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If things work out, she can continue her stay and we shall build you another room. She might not have intended it, but he found her expression to be quite supercilious. I will try to come by whenever possible" Blaze replied with a smile. " Blaze donned his clothes, kissed her goodbye and went back to the library. I didn't realize you were interested in knowing" "Well, I can't keep referring to you as 'that girl' whenever I curse at you in my head. Why do you even sit here if you dislike me so much? The two of them read in silence for a couple of hours, before Elyssa got up from her seat. Despite their constant bickering, Elyssa was a tome of knowledge for Blaze and she freely answered any of his questions. You get to order me around for a day as well" Blaze replied, seeing her point. But, Blaze had defeated Rebecca and that was last week. Elyssa gained ground slowly but steadily, and soon his hand was at a forty-five-degree angle. Rebecca's wings were bright red with a glossy sheen to them. I don't want to accidentally drop you" Rebecca warned him, noticing an evil grin on his face. He had only read about 30 pages of the three-hundred-page book "I see you are having some trouble with it" the girl said to him, after a couple of minutes. You were too much of a coward to take up on my wager, so I just read a book which was more interesting" Blaze replied caustically. "I am here to visit the library at least once a week. "I'd have you know that this particular chair is very comfortable. Elyssa looked at him dumbly for a moment before a knowing smile sprouted on her face. " "Nothing" she replied simply and went back to her book. *** The week flew by with Blaze spending most of his day at the library. She seemed way too confident and she wasn't stupid. His face turned red, but his hand's descent did not stop. " she quipped back as she flicked her hand to ward off the pain.

Jie Er had told him that with his growth rate, he could be flying by the end of the year. After a while he turned her around and made her lie on the table. Looking into her passionate eyes, he gripped her breasts once more and starting pumping into her. He pressed himself against her back and started humping her. I order you to stop calling me little, and I order you to forget about the rest of the wager" she said with a grin. " However, Blaze could see the sincerety in her eyes and he wasn't the one to push for his own punishment, so he begrudgingly accepted. He got up from his chair and pulled another one beside her. Since we are friends now, I will tell you a secret about growing taller" he said mysteriously in her ear, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. Blaze was confused for a moment before realization dawned on him. Jie Er was the last person he wanted to disappoint, in this world. Jie Er tried to look serious for a moment before her lips sprouted a wide grin. " he said sarcastically, before going to the stove and pouring himself a cup of the cocoa coffee.

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"Unlike some, I have people who like my company" Blaze quipped back. She also told him about the practice rooms at the library. " Elyssa stressed "And you are kinda little" Blaze replied, exaggerating her shortness with his hand. If you win I will stop calling you little and if I win you stop calling me a child.

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