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The story here is not about this guy's clever marketing -- because there is none, he's got one single video up, no website, no product, no follow-through at all, and if you actually analyzed this case in any detail you'd agree this guy is not a role model for music business -- he's just a goofy, creative guy having fun online. But as a music business strategy, it's just plain stupid.

Every year there's an exponentially accelerating number of new start-up social networks online.

He just posted a second improv piano video on his You Tube channel.

Very impressed, they have the attributes of a professional team testing something out.

He made the requested changes and uploaded it again.

If he can pull off another 2-3 videos of this quality, I can easily see this number going up.

I looked at the limited qualities of Chat Roulette and didn’t see it as a music promotion tool at all.

But Merton opened his mind and asked a better question: “How can I use the random nature of this site (and the buzz it’s creating) in a new and amusing way?

It’s the latest web site to create a major buzz in a very short period of time.

In a nutshell, Chat Roulette allows anyone with a webcam to log on and randomly be connected live with other people on the site one by one.

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” And the roulette aspect of the site lent itself perfectly to the music improvisation format. Of course, Merton also had to be talented and quick on his feet to make this work.