Cleanhonda dating

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Cleanhonda dating

It will walk you through the basics, like oil changes, tire changes and even engine rebuilds.However, when it gets to more challenging technical tasks, you may find the details to be lacking.The thing I loved most about Clymer Manuals is the in-line specifications for your parts, like tightening specs for all your bolts.The content will probably be a very close copy to that of an OEM service manual that your local moto shop technician will probably be using.While you’re doing carburetor work, it’s also a good time to take a peek at your gas tank. If there is rusting, you can purchase a cleaner and use nuts and bolts to knock out all that rust.Your service manual will also include best practices for cleaning your gas tank.And since you have the carbs out, it’s probably a good idea to do a rebuild anyway.

This all sounds a little hefty, but again, your trusty new service manual will guide you through the correct steps in removing and cleaning and rebuilding your carb system.

You can pick up some inexpensive carb cleaner and be fine.

Just make sure to take all the rubber parts off your carbs before spraying that cleaner on anything, or it will eat them up like rice paper.

There are three types of manuals you can purchase, each with different levels of specificity.

The Haynes manual is the most pared down of the three types.

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