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Surrounded by three of the wealthiest Zip Codes in the country, its high-design interiors and higher-powered happy hours have given a county known for coding a new sense of cool.Halfway to the hotel, Rudolph pulls into Starbucks for his morning coffee.The women, on the other hand, tend to be assertive without the ability to turn it off.“They have a tough time being women,” she explains.

A steady flow of sky-high stilettos and colorful minidresses come in the front door. Many attribute the bar’s crush of singles to area matchmaker Amy Andersen—a self-declared “love concierge” and the founder of Linx Dating—who first helped designate the bar a singles’ destination.

”Rudolph is dumbfounded—yet aware of what the guy is talking about. Along with the usual lines of luxury cars came a crop of town cars and taxis dropping off ladies of a certain age—Thursday night at the Rosewood is what’s known locally as “Cougar Night.”The hotel doesn’t exactly list it on its official calendar, of course.

“There’s no question that we have become one of the regional hot spots for that scene on Thursday nights,” says Rosewood Sand Hill managing director Michael Casey.

Chappy (co-founded by Made in Chelsea’s Ollie Locke) and private dating club Social Concierge have teamed up to launch ‘Mr Social’, a new party brand for professional gay men in London and New York. The platform will be aimed at single, professional gay men in their 20’s and 30’s.

The launch will take place at the new Piccadilly spot, Jack Solomon’s Club.

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At the counter as he orders a tall Americano, Rudolph is surprised to see the word “Rosewood” scrawled in pen on the barista’s hand.

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