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Consolidating student loans credit score

However, a low or bad credit score in most cases will result in much higher interest rates which will cause you to pay more for a product than its value.A low or bad credit score can result in bank penalties, cancellation charges, credit card rejections and loan application denials.If Phillip becomes just 30 days delinquent on lets say his student loan payments, his credit score could drop 50 to 90 points from that one account.Carla, who has a great credit score of 790 could suffer even more than Philip.This is the most regarded part of your FICO score, by being late on a single payment can cause your credit score to fall.

Probably the most impactful aspect of student loans on your credit is your monthly payments.

Just another note on Consolidation and Affects on Credit.

‘popmake-’Your student loans do not have to be a bruise to your credit, in fact it may be possible for your student loans to become a credit score improvement agent.

NO, all installment loans are calculated and regarded in the same way on your FICO score, therefore the type of student loan you have does not have an impact on how the loan is evaluated.

Student loans do not have their own their own credit category system. Getting more student loans is not ideally bad for your credit score but doing can have a negative impact on your credit report.

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Hi Jayben, Debt consolidation is good idea, if you wish to lower to interest rate and get the extra fees and charges waived off.