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Consolidating student loans info

Consolidating with Wells Fargo allows you to lock in a low-interest rate, opportunities to lower your interest rate by setting up a direct withdrawal of funds for repayment every month, and customized repayment plans based on your current situation.

Private student loan consolidation with Wells Fargo requires a credit check.

In this guide: Each student loan refinance lender has its own specific underwriting criteria, so your approval odds may be higher at one lender than another.

If you have a cosigner on a private student loan, you can refinance it without keeping them on the loan if you are eligible.Lower Monthly Payments: With private student loan consolidation, most borrowers can reduce their monthly payment by extending the repayment term of their private student loan debt.Private student loan consolidation can lower your overall interest rate if you have a cosigner with good credit, saving you a lot of money in the long run, in addition to giving you all the benefits of consolidating federal loans.Wells Fargo ( should be considered, especially if you bank with banking giant For federal loans, Wells Fargo requires that you are graduated, the loans are in good standing and total over ,000.If you meet these requirements, no fees or credit checks are required to consolidate your federal student loan.

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Consolidation combines all loans into one sum with one organization.

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