Cousin dating our cousins

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Cousin dating our cousins

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It would probably be a good idea - if they decide to have children together, because 4 kids isn't anything like enough after all - for them to have their genes checked, if it's possible.(Also see “Are There Any Absolutes in Genetic Genealogy? What would be needed to prove a case of actual second cousins or closer that don’t share DNA?You would need So, in the following diagram, if first cousins Angela and Bill don’t share DNA, then the following elements would be necessary to support the claim that they are actually first cousins rather than a case of misattributed parentage: Without any of the above elements, you have NOT proven the case.Let me re-phrase that: no one has demonstrated second cousins or closer that fail to share DNA at a level detectable by one of the three testing companies.There are claims out there, but they are completely unsupported at the current time.

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Just as a census record or birth certificate can reveal a family secret, so can the results of a DNA test.