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These datasets cover a variety of topics including service delivery, form of government, economic development, smart cities, cybersecurity, state of the profession, and sustainability.These ICMA datasets provide useful information for local decision makers as well as researchers, and they are available for download in Excel files.Some users have had multiple photos scraped from their profiles, so there is likely a lot fewer than 40,000 Tinder users represented here.The creator of the data set, Stuart Colianni, has released it under a CC0: Public Domain License and also uploaded his scraper script to Git Hub.“The datasets tend to be extremely strict in their structure, and are usually too small.Tinder gives you access to thousands of people within miles of you.

ICMA collaborates with academic researchers to acquire funding for national surveys, and those survey results are typically not available until the researcher has been able to publish results.Glancing through a few of the images from one of the downloadable files they certainly look like the sort of quasi-intimate photos people use for profiles on Tinder (or indeed, for other online social apps) — with a mix of selfies, friend group shots and random stuff like photos of cute animals or memes.It’s by no means a flawless data set if it’s just faces you’re looking for.The files for each dataset, which include the survey instrument and a code sheet, are zip files.Please be sure that your university allows zip files to be downloaded before you purchase. To see the listing of available datasets go to the bookstore.

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