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In 2006, Woodall and Constantine launched their own underwear range "Trinny and Susannah Magic Pants" which are made from nylon to flatten the tummy, buttocks and thighs, in order to make the areas appear slimmer.Woodall has one daughter, Lyla (born 28 October 2003), and is stepmother to her ex-husband's son, Zak.Her brand focuses on providing women with a personalised selection of makeup all tailored to their unique combination of skin, hair and eye colourings using the diagnosis tool 'Match2Me'.The majority of her cream-based makeup has a unique stacking feature which allows the user to carry around their makeup easily.The first two series saw them helping couples who were experiencing difficulties in their marriages, by giving advice and a fashion makeover to increase confidence.

Woodall and Constantine began their new television show, Trinny & Susannah Undress..., in 2006.controller of the British steel industry in the last two years of the war, who went on to become managing director of the British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) in August 1945 and then managing director of Lithgows in 1949.When Woodall was five years old, she was sent home from school after cutting off another pupil's plait.In 2003 they launched their shapewear range Trinny & Susannah's Original Magic Knickers, which are sold in 30 countries around the world.After co-hosting What Not to Wear for five series and appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show as style and make-over advisors, Woodall and Constantine moved to ITV to host Trinny & Susannah Undress... After becoming the faces of Littlewoods Direct, they released their own Littlewoods clothing range along with their 5th fashion advice book, The Body Shape Bible, in 2007.

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The following year Woodall and Constantine released their second book, What Not to Wear, which gained them a British Book Award and sold over 670,000 copies.