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Applicants under 17 years old: Per Florida Statute 741.04, we are prohibited from issuing a marriage license to any person under 17 years of age.The federal and provincial governments share constitutional power with respect to marriage (and divorce).An Online Premarital Course Provider Directory is available to assist you in locating a premarital course provider, or you will find a copy at any of our Marriage License district court locations.The couple must present the original certificate of completion when applying for their marriage license.The minimum age for marriage varies between provinces: As a rule, parental consent must be given for persons under the provincial age of majority to marry.To be recognized for immigration purposes, foreign national spouses must be 18 years of age.The following relationships, whether by consanguinity or adoption, fall within the prohibited degrees.In Canada, applicants may not marry their: In Quebec these relationships are repeated in the Civil Code.

PLEASE ADVISE THE CLERK IF YOU ARE EXEMPT UNDER Florida State Statute 119.071 Marriage License Requirements When applying for a marriage license both spouses must be present.

Types of photo identification accepted: To expedite the application process, please complete our online marriage license pre-application, print it or bring the confirmation number with you to one of the Miami Dade County Marriage License Offices.

Additional Requirements for Minor Applicants Applicants - 17 years old: In addition to the standard requirements for a marriage license, all the following documents must be presented when one or both applicants are 17 years old: Additionally, a person that is at least 17 years of age may only marry if the other party is no more than two years older.

After the marriage ceremony, the original marriage license must be returned to the Miami-Dade County Marriage License Bureau within ten (10) days.

Visit the fee schedule for a list of our marriage ceremonial service fees.

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A Florida marriage license allows a couple to get married anywhere in Florida, regardless of the county the license was purchased from.