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At the time, I understood the ES125 was vintage, but had no idea that it was just a regular Gibson student model. Rich, ESP, Jackson, Dean, and Ibanez which were played by my favorite bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth and Testament.

It had the basic Kluson strip tuners and P-90 pickup. The reason I had purchased it in the first place was that I was trying to learn a new genre of music - Growing up as a teenager in the '80's I gravitated to hard rock and heavy metal. These guitars play fast and loud which is great, but when trying to learn chord shapes and progressions, I wanted something more boxy, something with a little more history. After attending several guitar shows and being exposed to all makes, models, eras and brands, I found that I was most interested in Gibson.

1920's, when Gibson's Lloyd Loar designed the first f-hole guitar, his Master Model L5.

This invention had a major impact in the look and sound of guitar/mandolin manufacture because up until this time, the tops of guitars had only a large sound-hole.

view more » ,000 Olivia's Vintage would like to present this 1961 Gibson 3/4 scale Les Paul Junior in its original faded Cherry finish. It's all original and 100% complete along with its original soft case.

Olivia's Vintage would like to present this 1939 Gibson EH-150 steel guitar in its original Sunburst finish.Blues Guitar Workshop) in Memphis at the request of Barry "Byrd" Burton of The Amazing Rhythm Aces, and who was also a session player with Sam Phillips at Sun Studios in Memphis.Byrd had very specific preferences for his guitars,…This was a revolutionary idea that changed the looks and tone of the centuries old 'bowl' style European mandolins. After 1943, Gibson instrument production, especially electric production dramatically slowed, if not even halted for some models.Orville's concept, A and F style This site will take you through several instruments and collectibles from the early 1900's to the prewar time, namely 1943 (even though WWII began in 1939 and the U. Government rationing of wood, metal, etc., along with converting almost all of the Gibson factory to a wartime producer of airplane skids and sub-machine gun parts, forced Gibson to temporarily lose focus on their instruments.

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