Dating god waiting way No pay sex

Posted by / 12-Feb-2020 16:45

Dating god waiting way

I was unsure of who I was and how God fit into my life. Haven’t we all experienced that sinking, empty feeling of being alone? Most of my friends had boyfriends; I couldn’t even look a guy in the eye without blushing.It seems like the very last of my single friends have found companionship, new relationships are being formed and old ones are being rekindled and of course, my ex-husband has announced that he and the long-time girlfriend are thinking about moving in together.(Not that it affects me directly, but it still hits close to the heart).It’s unfair and always disappointing to put your faith in a man to accomplish what only God can do. Even though I couldn’t see it then, God took every doubt, every ugly feeling, and He used it for His bigger plan. You may be waiting for the right time, for your life to fall into place, or for him to finally notice you. God is using this time in your life to prepare you. You’re not the only one, there are people around you who need a friend too. You don’t have to be perfect, but it takes a firm foundation and a reliance on Christ to navigate through a relationship. That lonely April, I was unaware of the way God was preparing me for the year ahead.

(Maybe that’s my way of avoiding those lonely moments…) but recently I’m finding it harder and harder to avoid those feelings, those thoughts.It is not up to me to tell God what I think should happen, but to wait on what He would do. It’s up to me to rest in the Lord, knowing that He and He alone has the best plan for me!God taught me a very important lesson that night, through my girl… But I do know that when those difficult moments come I can turn to my God.Looking back, I see that God was using that moment to teach me what it really meant to rely on Him. Though we don’t talk about it very much, I know a lot of girls whose hearts are hurting with the same loneliness.It may seem like I was confident and joyful in God’s purpose for that loneliness, but I was just reminding myself of God’s promises, learning what it meant to trust when I don’t understand. We are all acutely aware of the missing part of our heart, our desperate need for fulfillment. Though it may seem like a quick fix, I promise you, a man will never fill that void.

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Conversely, allowing to God to teach you patience, confidence, and fulfillment in Jesus will prove to point you back to Him when you do start dating. I’m not perfect, I still find myself searching for meaning in the wrong places. I was able to wait on God, trust in His timing, and find fulfillment in Christ together with Philip as we began dating.