Dating in a relationship difference

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Dating in a relationship difference

We often mistake true intimacy and connection with lust and a false sense of attachment felt after having sex with someone.

The truth though is that you do not know someone after five dates and a couple of sex sessions. To learn who someone truly is, you need a lot more time spent of slowly getting to know them, again, throughout various situations and experiences.

The mistaking of labels, or even quick sex, as commitment.

Within the wide sweeping hookup culture of current day, people might meet on Tinder or at a bar, have sex within a few days of knowing one another, go out for drinks a couple times, watch a movie at each others apartment, have sex again, and then boom, they are now a couple.

So, is a boyfriend/girlfriend the person you go out to dinner with each week?

But isn’t this also the case with many a platonic connection too?

With dating, there is not necessarily a goal or assumption towards the future.

Or at least in healthy individuals, there shouldn’t be.

It takes many, many hours spent with a person, both one on one, and in varying scenarios.Nowadays, it feels as though the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” are thrown about, much like confetti at a kid’s birthday party.Or, we have the starkly contrasting approach of those who have decided it’s better to “play it cool.” The ones who have adapted the mindset, as touted by prevalent popular culture, that developing or worse, showcasing feelings for someone is “weak” or “uncool.”We either cannot commit, or almost instantaneously slap arbitrary labels on our connection with another person, to my mind, without much depth of thought as to what makes it so.Dating is the stage in which we explore this getting to know a prospective partner and ultimately, decide if they might have long term matching potential for us.Plethora's of people skip this period of observation and relational building, many, to their later detriment.ommitment, while still getting to know your significant other (because people are continually changing and growing-at least healthy people are, so there will ever be new things to learn and unearth about those you love, regardless of how long you have known them), Commitment is having accumulated enough information (over a period of several months) which allows you to access thoughtfully whether it’s a good decision to move forward in building something further with this person. And in fact, prematurely jumping to the falsely important moment of labeling can cloud our judgement in this regard.

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A relationship can be two people who go out on dates and like each other a lot.

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