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It doesn’t to be a novel, you don’t even have to love to read, but I guarantee you will both find something that strikes your interest there. Take a mini road trip and spend the day outside exploring areas you might not have been to before. Invite another couple over to join you in your fake power outage and make the most of it. It’s a fun way to still spend time with your partner and your friends, while doing something festive. Build a fort and have a living room sleepover in it. Knitting is a fun hobby to learn and it’s more fun to have someone to learn with, especially if one of you gets it and the other doesn’t. If you don’t have a fire place, the stove top works just fine too! You know what’s funnier than looking your partner’s high school yearbook and baby pictures? Don’t forget to bring your homemade hot chocolate along with you to keep you warm. It will be a fun way to get out of the house and not spend a lot of money, if you spend any at all! Snowshoeing is a fun way to be active in the winter and still get outside. Go to the thrift shop and try to find the ugliest Christmas sweater you can. It’s a fun way to bring back the nostalgia this time of year.

Grab all your blankets and build a fort in the living room and stay there the whole night. Doing workout videos at home by yourself is not fun, doing them with someone automatically makes it way more enjoyable and it’s hard not to laugh. Hiking in the snow is tough but the views are gorgeous and so different than hikes in the summer. Either pick out a real tree or set up your fake tree together. If you get good enough you can even knit your own blanket. Grab your stick and roast the marshmallows over the flame.

Go all out and cook something that you would normally order delivery for—like Chinese or Thai food. Cozy up under pounds of down feathers and cotton, and let the real world feel miles away.Have you ever seen a giraffe sliding down a ski ramp? The goal is simple, get your giraffe to go as far as it can!That’s easier said than done as your giraffe flies and flips through the air.of time for Netflix, cuddling, and Chinese take-out. ) Try these 12 perfect-for-winter dates stat, and rescue each other from a frozen and uneventful season of misery.But don’t let the freezing temps stop you and your S. When you're not in the mood to stare at a screen, pop by your nearest bookstore.

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Window shopping can be fun walking through town under the lights checking out all the little hand crafted items with your partner.

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