Dating men with trust issues marriage through online dating

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There is hope for men with abandonment issues because God is making all things new.

They can become stuck in patterns of passivity and resentment in their marriages.

This article is the second in a two-part series on abandonment issues for men.

In the previous article, I focused on the impact of a son’s relationship to his father, while this article focuses on a son’s early relationship with his mother.

From infancy, every child needs the tender touch, attention, comfort, nurture, and love of a mother.

Dan Jenkins, a licensed psychologist and professor of psychology at Point Loma Nazarene University, notes that, “Infants are born with constant recurring needs, and if those basic needs are met they grow up to understand what it means to build relationships based on trust.

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Sex can either enhance a relationship or make it fizzle before it even has a chance to begin, but one thing is for certain, once sex occurs in a relationship, there isn't an undo button you can press.

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