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Dating musical taste

Now, Spotify is adding to the pre-date clutter by posting your musical tastes on your dating profile.Spotify and Bumble have announced a partnership where you can connect your profiles so that potential dates can see which artists you listen to the most.

Imagine if one of the individuals wants to go to a rock bar while the other wants to go to a place where pop music is being played.At the same time, the same situation would happen while listening to music when driving a car.Whereas a couple enjoying the same kind of music can make this enjoyment even more enjoyable with participating together in events such as concerts or festivals and making unforgettable memories.If you are a fan of hardcore music, you can hear your partner saying ‘why is this woman screaming?’ or if you like opera she might say ‘he tore his voice’. Two people living in the same house with different musical tastes can turn out to an anger war.

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Who knows, it may prove useful for spotting dates that just aren’t going to work — because there’s only so much EDM or bro-country a human being can be expected to take.

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