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Dating my ex sister in law

As long as you aren't still married to your wife, it would be legal. You can marry her provided she is not still married to your brother.

If your sister-in-law is your wife's sister, her sister's daughter could be your daughter, whom you may not marry.

Although in some cultures it is a common practice to marry within the same family without marrying blood relatives.

A sister in law, by definition, is the sister of your wife.

There is nothing biblically nor unlawful about marrying your ex sister in law. If your brother died and his wife was barren the younger brother would take her as his wife.

In some jurisdictions, first cousins may marry; in most places, you have to be no more closely related than second cousin.This may be politically incorrect to some, albeit fairly common. If your brother is alive and they divorce she is your "ex" sister in law.The Bible does not speak against this directly but one must wonder if you were not and are not coveting your brother's wife.Oh, yes, in a riddle, if your brother marries your sister, then your brother and sister are also your brother-in-law and your sister-in-law.But that kind of marriage is forbidden everywhere and by all modern religions, so it is a pretty poor riddle. Your brother's brother-in-law is the brother of your brother's wife and is not related to you.

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, However if he had faked his death so he could then run off with and then marry his widows sister then this would be bigamy which is illegal in UK law. If you sister-in-law is the wife of your brother, then her daughter is also your brother's daughter and therefore your niece.