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The “3714” is the serial number of your guitar, but little information has been uncovered as to what this series of numbers represents.

More than likely, it was a consecutive production number of that particular model for either the first or second half of the year.

Harmony did a great job of stamping model numbers and dates of manufacture on their guitars, but they often require some decoding.

The F-63-HB is the date code and the two numbers, not surprisingly, indicate 1963.

If I could find the now owner of this mandolin it could answer some questions about when H. Weymann and Son started serializing instruments, which at present those early years are a bit of a mystery.

So if you bought this mandolin from Tommy’s Guitars, or now own this mandolin, or know who does, please contact me While there is evidence that H. Weymann & Son, Philadelphia, were making stringed instruments from 1894 or earlier for their retail outlet, it looks likely that they did not increase production for wholesale purposes until the late 1890’s. Their very early banjos and guitars carried a gold decal, but no serial or style (model) number.

The catalyst for this was possibly the buying of production equipment and spare parts from the discontinued S. Still later they carried a serial number but no style number.

While production totals are unavailable, we can safely say that tens of thousands of these instruments were manufactured.One conjecture is that Weymann started serializing their instruments after Martin started doing the same in 1898.This makes a lot of sense to me as I believe the gold decals (labels) they used, were made by the first company to manufacture decals in the US, The Meyercord Company, which was established in 1894 and registered in 1996.So, I believe wholesale production of Weymann instruments started just prior to 1900.Dating Weymann instruments has been hampered by two major problems.

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But in the average condition yours appears to be, it’s worth between $100 and $150.