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When he storms Linnea’s home and demands her sister’s hand in marriage, Linnea offers to serve in her “good” sister’s place.But what begins as a political arrangement and a risky deception soon blossoms into lusty, between-the-sheets passion.Their forbidden romance is one of naughty trysts and broken marriage vows, but if the flames of their passion can’t be contained to the royal bedchamber, they’ll burn throughout England and rewrite the country’s fate.Politics clash with love, and ambition confronts sex, as the couple chooses which power they crave most: That of the heart, or crown?And if she Maud is a widowed princess vying for the British throne.Though recently betrothed to a 14-year-old Plantagenet (another royal house), Maude’s heart belongs to someone else—her most dangerous rival, Stephen of Blois.

Between the layers of clothes and the strict code of conduct, the required restraint makes the inevitable kilt-dropping, lace-ripping moment even hotter.And let’s just say…she has no qualms about being tied up.introduces Marietta Denver: A bastard, a dreamer, and an accused thief.To prove it, we’ve rounded up 10 steamy historical romance novels that would get anybody’s petticoats in a twist.But proceed with caution—these pages will melt in your hands.

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To be seen with him is to commit social suicide—but yet, the widowed Beth Ackerly hardly cares. The year is 1819, and Catriona Hennessy, a fiercely independent Scotswoman, isn’t exactly gung-ho about the idea of marriage.

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