Dating numerous people

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Dating numerous people

‘This sounds pathetic, but I’ve never had a single match.

The women were nice, but apparently they didn’t feel the same way about me.

‘At the same time as I stepped forward, a woman – the twin-set and pearls type – shouted “I don’t think anyone here is the sort of person to have a tattoo”.

‘The rest of the evening was spent answering questions about my tattoo.

‘My advice to others who are thinking about trying it?

Don’t.’ ‘My fiancee and I met at a speed dating night.

‘The first was ‘if you’re wearing black underwear, step forward’.

‘He started shouting in front of everyone and the room went silent. ‘Especially since he kept screaming, to the point where the organiser got up and asked us to ‘take it downstairs’.

‘Sadly, I didn’t get as lucky.’ ‘The actual speed dating went okay.

However, during the socialising afterwards, some guy attempted to crack on to me by biting my neck.

‘Every woman I sat across from just kept pointing out the obvious, saying: ‘oh wow, isn’t this interesting.

You can talk to so many different men in one night.

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‘After a few rounds, the host gently suggested that the mother leave the room, but by then the damage was already done.