Dating of john bible

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Dating of john bible

According to this argument James and his brother John were wrathful, emotional, and ambitious men who wanted to call down fire on the Samaritans (Luke ) and desired to secure a place of honor at Jesus' right hand in His coming kingdom (Mark -45).This argument offers only a one-dimensional view at the sons of Zebedee.The following list is a summary of the most often expressed arguments against Johannine authorship: Argument #1: The fourth Gospel does not agree with the synoptic accounts (Matthew, Mark and Luke): The most often quoted argument against St.John's authorship is that so much of the synoptic Gospel portrait of Jesus is missing from the fourth Gospel account and what is included is very different. Clement wrote: "John, last of all, seeing that the plain facts had been clearly set forth in the Gospels, and being urged by his acquaintances, composed a spiritual Gospel under the divine inspiration of the Spirit." The inspired writer of the fourth Gospel may also be addressing these differences when he records in John ,31 "There were many other signs that Jesus worked in the sight of the disciples, but they are not recorded in this book.I do not know of any serious scholar who believes Peter, Andrew and Zebedee & Sons were poor.Acts is usually cited as proof that John and Peter lacked education.The similarities are so striking that today many scholars believe there was a connection between John the Apostle and the religious Community at Qumran near to where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

This argument does not address the fact that John may have had good theological and/or literary reasons for omitting what was covered in the other Gospels and ignores or dismisses the testimony of early Church Fathers like the great Biblical scholar, theologian, and head of the catechetical school in Alexandria, Egypt, St. Argument #2: That the fourth Gospel's themes of love and unity could not have been produced by one of the Apostles to whom Jesus gave the name "Sons of Thunder" in Mark .Surely decades of suffering for Christ and years of growing in faith and understanding yielded a much more mature man of Christian faith.By the time the fourth Gospel was written John Zebedee, the Bishop of Ephesus, was no longer the impetuous youth described in the synoptic Gospels.They were free to start and stop work when it suited them (John 21:1-3 and Luke ).They were also able to leave their business for a 3 year period to follow Jesus and yet were able to return to the Galilee at the end of 3 years to boats they still owned (see John 21:1-3).

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