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Dating ordnance survey maps

Some print codes towards the end of this era have an extra part tacked on the end, e.g. 20,000/1/43 R, for example, indicates 20,000 copies, printed in January 1943 at printing company code R (Robinsons).

c.1945 - c.1947: Each printing was given a print code, in an identical format to that used immediately pre-war.

Subsequent revisions or printings had a print code added to them in the style 6.12.

This indicated the month and year of printing - in this case, June 1912.

For published Ordnance Survey maps you should head elsewhere before searching at The National Archives as our collection is not comprehensive and you are less likely to find a published map here than online or at libraries and other archives, including local archives.

You can find contact details for archives elsewhere using Find an archive.

The National Archives, though not the routine place of deposit for published Ordnance Survey maps (see the Legal Deposit Libraries in section 2 for this) does, however, hold many Ordnance Survey maps used during the working life of various government departments.

Sheets in the 1-inch New Popular Edition, for example, had print codes running from 1001 to 1307.

Ordnance Survey started to use letters to indicate revisions of a sheet from 1947, first appearing on the new 000 sheets.

Subsequent revisions to the sheet changed the edition code thus: minor changes added one bar of underlining to the letter, and full revisions incremented the letter and removed any additions. From 1981, the 000 scale map sheets were printed with an additional code at the very bottom-right of the legend panel.

This is in a similar style to the wartime military print codes, e.g. This indicates how many copies in the print run, month and year of printing, and print run number; in this case: 20,000 copies, printed in April 1989, print run number 890231 (print run 0231 from year 1989).

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The National Archives is not the best place to start a search for published Ordnance Survey maps – check libraries and other archives first if you are looking for these.