Dating pro cuba tour

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• The Bacardi Building, erected in 1930 and remaining today one of the most fabulous examples of art deco in Cuba. Here you will find all makes and models of American cars from the 50’s.• The recently restored lavish Palacio de los Matrimonios and the former Casino Espanol of Havana, built in 1914 by Luis Dediot. It is a great opportunity to mingle and converse with taxi drivers and engage in their favorite subject: their cars.

We will meet leading artists in their studios, attend private music performances and enjoy the company of students, professors, diplomats and historians.

Soon we hope travelers will not need the license now required by the U. Will we still feel comfortable strolling the Old Quarter chatting with the musicians?

Will we still be able to get into those very few elegant hotels? In a recent magazine, Havana is mentioned as “a Time Capsule–Go now–before the city preserved by trade sanctions disappears under LED billboards, new cars and cigar bands.” When I started Travel Concepts International 30 years ago, it was in the spirit of offering cultural tours to better understand the world an its people.

• The Capitolio Nacional, a fabulous monumental building inspired in the Capitol model and built in 1929 by Cuban and foreign artists.

Gardens designed by famous French landscaper Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier.

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