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Minnesota's first attempt to create a state park came in 1885, when a 173-acre (70 ha) park was authorized to preserve Minnehaha Falls.

The effort was delayed by legal appeals from the various landowners of the desired parkland, and by the time those were settled in favor of the state in 1889, Minnesota no longer had the money to purchase the land. Owned and operated by Minneapolis, Minnehaha State Park was ultimately absorbed as a city park. Other sites were added over the next two decades, but with an inconsistent vision.

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The Minnesota Historical Society operates sites within some of them.Sweden was the primary power in the Baltic region for more than a hundred years, until challenged by Russia in the eighteenth century.By 1809 Sweden was so weakened that she was forced to cede her entire Baltic holdings, including Finland, to Russia.The ancestors of these peoples came under the domination of the Swedes in the twelfth century, when Finland became a province of Sweden.While the Swedish provinces operated quite independently for a time, efforts to centralize power in the kingdom in the sixteenth century made Finns citizens of Sweden.

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Itasca State Park, meanwhile, was being administered as a state forest. Chase excoriated this situation, calling for wiser selection of park lands and a dedicated commissioner.

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