Dating skill set

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Dating skill set

A good dater needs to be able to sense, or feel, the other person’s feelings or attitude and adjust accordingly.This is especially helpful in recognizing dating predators, or people who may be dishonest or dangerous.This is the verbal communication element of Hip Hop.The hip hopper will write a poem that has a strong rhythm and beat, called a rap, and perform it in front of an audience. This element exercises the skill of talking and listening, or communication.

Smart dating is not something most people know how to do instinctively.

Learning how to communicate skillfully face-toface will make you stand out—and give you a leg up on the competition.

This is the element that combines the beat and rap and spins it in a way that creates an endless dance party.

The five elements of Hip Hop are used to provide the platform for developing the skills needed in Hip Hop Dating.

Each group of activities reflects the essence of the same Hip Hop element.

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Today, verbal communication is being replaced by more and more technological forms of communication, like texting.

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