Dating someone who is legally blind effective online dating headlines

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You can give the app a try by downloading it from the i Tunes store. Make a shopping list ahead of time, and help them locate items on the store shelves.

Encourage them to do as much of the shopping task as they can on their own, but be close by to help when needed. Help the person with low vision learn about all transportation services that are available, including those provided by local churches and community groups.

These devices include customized magnifiers for reading and other near tasks, computerized text-to-speech devices and handheld or spectacle-mounted telescopes for seeing objects in the distance. You can help by arranging a visit to their eye care practitioner to learn which optical aids will provide the most benefit.

(If the practitioner doesn't usually work in low vision, he or she may recommend a low vision specialist in the area.)A low vision exam is different from a regular eye exam and typically involves follow-up visits to help the person with low vision use the prescribed vision aids effectively.

"Difficulty reading was the most common complaint, reported by 66.4 percent of patients.

Women were more likely to report difficulty with in-home activities, facial recognition and social interactions, whereas men were more likely to report trouble driving and difficulties related to lighting.

Mobility concerns, defined as difficulty walking and performing away-from-home activities, showed no relationship to gender, age or visual acuity. More low vision news Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with sighted helpers to solve quick problems such as reading labels or expiration dates on food or navigating a street.

This definition means that it is possible for someone to be able to see and to still be considered blind in the eyes of the law.

Governments have come up with a definition for legal blindness for the purpose of being able to determine who should receive special government benefits and assistance for blindness.

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This is the situation many people find themselves in every day, suffering from what's called "low vision."Other terms often used to describe people with low vision are "partially sighted," "visually impaired" and "legally blind."Causes of low vision include hereditary conditions, eye injuries and eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.