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Dating tibetans

The commandments of the yellow sect Lama, which holds a predominant position in Lamaism, forbid the monks to marry.

Monks belonging to the other sects are free to marry and the weddings are held at religious services in their lamaseries.” *|* Divorce has traditionally been relatively simple and easy to obtain in Tibetan society.

Families visits the local monastery to offer prayers and attend sermons.

The second day is King’s Losar when the revered Dalai Lama exchanges greetings with national leaders.

In other areas, cousins on the male line who are several times removed may marry each other, with no restrictions on intermarriages between relatives on the female line.

[Source: *|*] “Monogamy is the principal form of marriage.

The husband controls and inherits the property of the family and the wife is subordinate to the husband, even if he is married into a woman's family. Marriages between serfs had to be approved by their manorial lords.

The monasteries are also decorated and the protector deities are respected with devotional rituals.

The first day of the New Year is called Lama Losar when all the Tibetan Buddhists greet their respective gurus and wish each other prosperity for the year ahead.

The Tibetan New Year (བོད་ཀྱི་ལོ་གསར། ) is referred to as Losar.

The Tibetan Calendar is based on the lunar calendar and consists of twelve (or thirteen) months.

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For a good harvest, offerings of barley seeds and tsampa are made to home alters.