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Dating vintage rotary watches

Their traditional look is beloved worldwide, and for good reason.

Rotary watches are water-resistant, reliable, timelessly classic.

However, the 1934 lists have lots of gaps in the sequences of numbers.

This is because in the decade between the lists first being drawn up in the 1920s and when they were centralised in 1934 there were a lot of changes.

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For decade itself, you have to know the actual production dates of the movement itself.

Rotary watches are hugely popular in the UK, and have been ever since they became the official watch supplier for the Biritsh Army in the 1940s.

In Swiss the mark is called the Poinçon de Maître, which is literally the "Punch of the Master".

This is referred to in English as a Collective Responsibility Mark, but I rather like the Swiss term so I will stick to using that.

Although provision was made by the Swiss watch case makers association for silver cases to be marked, these are rarely seen.

The lists of marks and registrants were centralised in 1934 and the only information the Swiss authorities now have is from that date.

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