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Dating womens vintage hats

You're the proud possessor of clever new hats for dollars less than you can buy in the store.Choose your own best color when creating yours from this collection of crochet hat patterns. According to experts, crochet is the technique used to create a product using long yarns and threads.The tricorn, or tricorne, hat is probably the most famous example of this sort of double-duty chapeau.

The perfect shoe is that final piece that completes an outfit, and a great pair of high heels or adorable flats helps you strut with poise and confidence.

American fashion designers Ralph Lauren are world renowned for their smart casual designs.

The brand has gifted us with loads of classic designs from their Rugby shirts to their polos and the iconic Ralph Lauren Bear.

Crochet comes from the French term “croche”, meaning loop or hook.

It’s usually linked to thread, stitches and making patterns of fabric materials using a created slipknot on the hook.

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Punctuate your wardrobe with smart personality changes.

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