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The MUD clarified that this decision was made to cross the date and prevent a person from having paid more than once.The rest of the details of the counting will be announced by the rectors themselves.The academic authorities of the regions of the country will also ensure that the day is impeccable. Senators, former presidents and NGOs will participate in the international observation group.Details will be announced today by political leader María Corina Machado.Edinson Ferrer, secretary of national organization of Primero Justicia, invited all Venezuelans to participate in the swearing-in of the Teams that will work in the popular consultation on Sunday. Ferrer also exhorted to familiarize himself with the process and take advantage of the day to practice and thus facilitate the act of voting.It added that the Detailed information of the places is available at

Saturday will also be mobilizations for neighborhoods and villages to encourage participation.

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The first vice-president of the AN, Freddy Guevara, announced that for today a night march for the fallen, at pm, in Plaza Altamira.

He will leave from the place where Juan Pernalete was murdered until where Neomar Lander died.