Dirty chat without having to pay for membership Roulette im sex chat

Posted by / 18-Jul-2020 13:36

Dirty chat without having to pay for membership

So I chalked it up to possible cold feet, change of heart, etc... But what's solidifying my accusation is that I say hello to people that are actually online and respond immediately and still now reply back. I got a message from a lady recently who I had contacted a few times saying, "What's up..." and when I replied to her she said that she didn't send that message. I could not figure out how to not have one." It came all as 1 message, so didn't even seem as if she wrote any of it. Zoosk sends you messages like a real person is looking to meet, just to get you to spend more money to see that person. And the response was a computer generated response saying, "I see. So, I visited their site and opened the account on my i Pad.

Zoosk also will notify you that you have "messages" when there is no message. Anyway, that auto generated "Hi" lured me into paying for the subscription so I could see what the message was, and hopefully start a conversation with her. I called zoosk and hopefully will get my money back and have removed myself from the site. Let’s get to know each other through email." Same exact message came 10 times. I went to pricing page to see what do they charge and since I wasn't happy with pricing, I clicked twice on power button to close the page, but instead i Pad read my fingerprint and charged me .00!!!


They are all a lot of work but Zoosk has the lowest quality men. Not one response from any of the ladies nor any more views! I was not allowed to use any picture I submitted, all clear and G rated, and very shortly after that, my whole introductory story was erased by administration.If you want computer generated messages, profiles, views do it! I was in Zoosk for couple months and usually do not go to anyone's profile unless someone sends me a message and shows interest.But few of the guys contacted me telling me that I keep viewing their profile many times a day but never speak to them.It seems I signed an agreement with them in perpetuity. I would also send out smiley faces even though I knew I couldn't see if they received them.Even my bank could not block them from taking the money. So on 1 occasion someone replied back, and that's where they got me. From my current experience, as a paying member who is leaving the site, Zoosk does not let you hide or delete your profile.

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I was getting several notices that I had messages from women. Then when I tried to look at their profile they said it had been deleted before I could even see a message. So I thought maybe it was legit so paid the $30 for one month. Some few other people told me that my profile was nothing out of the ordinary, and passed me a phone number that I took as being a scam. Well..are definitely only setting a fish line with bait to get your money.