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The Royal Doulton company first began in London during 1815 and has since become a global brand that produces some of the most well known and loved porcelain, dinnerware and collectable pieces.Throughout the ages there have been a variety of different stamps used to mark authentic Royal Doulton ornaments and tableware.From this Royal Warrant the company was then able to trade as ‘Royal Doulton‘, the name we are familiar with today.The majority of the ornaments and dinnerware are now made in Indonesia.

Their speciality at this time was salt glazed stoneware.Royal Doulton stamped pieces with identifying marks and symbols that provide collectors with important information about origin, age and value.Royal Doulton was started in 1815 with a factory in London, England, by partners John Doulton, John Watts and Martha Jones.Towards the end of this period the impressed words were bordered by an oval shape which slowly turned into the rounded shape in the backstamps to follow.During this period, the simple Doulton Burslem England stamp with four interlocking ‘D’s was common on Royal Doulton pieces.

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The word ‘England’ that appears below this stamp was not added until 1891.